Club Softball Weekend 2 and a Sermon Too!

It’s club softball season, one of my favorite times of year. Our daughter Tory plays on a U18 Gold softball team; the girls travel every weekend for 8 weeks from college showcase to college showcase, hoping to get recruited to play softball at one of their dream colleges. It’s a grueling schedule of typically 3 games on Saturday and 2 on Sunday in all sorts of weather with all sorts of field conditions. Last weekend we traveled 4-plus hours to Horseheads, NY for a tournament. The weather was freaky and we had rain delays; that said, the girls played 4 out of their 5 scheduled games. And college coaches watched them.

Last weekend the team took a break and stuffed themselves into a jeep, all 13 of them. Talk about being close friends!

This weekend we traveled 3-plus hours to Binghamton, NY for a tournament. We arrived safely, and for that, I am ever so thankful. Can you let us know if New Jersey is still attached to New York though? The torrential rains we drove through on our way North were headed for Jersey so we’re a little concerned that perhaps New Jersey floated away. Visibility was almost zero on the New York State Throughway at times; I pulled off the road for a while when I couldn’t see the lines on the road or the flashers of the cars in front of me. Yikes!

Tory and Katie will be preaching on Sunday. What a treat!

Tory and I are only staying for the 3 Saturday games this weekend. On Sunday, she is preaching the sermon at our church. It’s a rite of passage for our congregation’s high school juniors. Every year on Youth Sunday, the junior(s), using the designated scripture lessons for the week, writes and delivers a sermon. Tory is tag teaming with her friend Katie, who is also a junior. I can’t wait to hear what the girls have to share with us. Over the years we’ve been members of Central Church, our youth have been, by turns, serious, humorous, heartfelt and just plain genuine. Our son Max preached four years ago and now it’s Tory’s turn. Her proud parents will be sitting where they usually sit: pew 101, center. Join us if you’re free!


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