Fun in the Sun: Jersey versus Vegas, Baby

Brutus kept a close eye on me today; he supervises from a nearby window.

My husband left for Vegas before dawn cracked this morning. He’s having fun in Sin City at a convention. And me? I got up early and headed outside for fun in the sun right here in Jersey. I pruned for 6 hours. Yes, 6 hours of being outside in near-perfect weather with my trusty Felcos in hand. I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful day.

Now I’m watching my daughter Tory prep for a dinner party; she’s making a birthday dinner for two of her besties, Eva and Heidi. The menu: Caesar salad with homemade dressing, breaded chicken cutlets pan fried and served over pasta in a light tomato, mushroom, garlic sauce and fresh bread. What I love about Tory is she knows when to follow a recipe (Ina Garten’s Caesar dressing, natch) and when to wing it (her own pasta sauce).

Head’s up: Tomorrow I’m escorting Tory’s friend Eva to her driver’s test to get her provisional license. Yes, I’m going to white knuckle it with yet-another nervous young woman to and from the NJ Motor Vehicle in Wayne!

Eva will be inching her way toward this stop sign, the start of her on-the-road driver's test. Hopefully it won't snow!

I’ll be cheering for Eva while she takes her road test and I’ll be trailing behind her as she (hopefully passes and) negotiates the maze of lines otherwise know as NJ Motor Vehicle. I’m honored Eva thought to ask me to accompany her! And yes, I’m scared crapless to get into the car with another teen driver!


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4 Responses to Fun in the Sun: Jersey versus Vegas, Baby

  1. Kristin says:

    That’s a very grown-up dinner for a teenager. I’m impressed.

    Do conventions in Vegas get to have fun?

  2. Hey Kristin!
    I am blessed with two kids who are great cooks, different, but great. My son Max makes my fav — risotto — which he learned to make from our Italian friends!
    My husband is a smart guy; he went a day early to catch a show and have a great dinner! Love that man!

  3. Lita says:

    Six hours of pruning! Hope you got some of the Pasta and some of that Ceasar salad. Delicious.

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