The Magnificent 7 – 2: Party!

4 of the Magnificent 7!

Saturday night five good friends gathered for dinner and conversation at my home. Many of us had not seen each other since early December, when Gail hosted a cooking party we attended. Ginger wasn’t able to join us in December so it was fun that we could plan a get-together around her visit this weekend; she flew in from St Louis and the party started almost immediately.

We gathered around Ginger's computer to see renovation photos.

Ginger brought her computer, chock full of renovation photos; she and her husband own the Moon Mansion in St. Louis and it’s been an ongoing renovation affair since they moved in a few years ago. The photos – before, during and after – show Ginger’s dedication to her historic home. The three recently renovated bathrooms are testament to her keen eye for detail and dedication to period enhancing design. Simply put, they are gorgeous! She’s begun planning more of the exterior garden renovations. She and I got to spend a few quality hours poring over photos, talking about ideas and plotting a more final design.

When you get the group of us together we talk about a wide range of subjects. And we laugh. A lot. Margaret’s garden design business is thriving! Lita is decorating her new house and yard as well as celebrating the birth of her third grandchild! Gail, whose sons are winding down their spring sports seasons, is in reno mode with a laundry room redesign and painting, painting, painting! And me? I am plotting a small garden redesign and gearing up for the softball showcase season with my daughter!

A tasty new prosecco to toast good friends!

Lita, as I anticipated, introduced us to a new wine, a prosecco, Saturday night. Gail brought an antipasto to die for from Rosario’s in Montclair as well as a crunchy salad from her own kitchen. Lita’s potato salad with dill tasted fresh and clean. My Ina Garten orzo with roasted vegetables and lemony chicken was yum. And Margaret’s fruit tart for dessert? I dropped it. Upside down on my clean kitchen floor. So I scraped it up and we ate it anyway. Isn’t that what good friends do?! It was delish!

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2 Responses to The Magnificent 7 – 2: Party!

  1. Joyce says:

    mmmm….Prosecco….my favorite : ) Old friends are the best aren’t they?

  2. Ginger says:

    It was so much fun to see everyone and you were the best to host!! We are still a great group – I keep each one of you in my thoughts and always know that even though I am miles away – I am surrounded by love!! Hugs…

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