The Magnificent 7 – 2: Party Tonight!

When I open my eyes every morning this is one of my views, with my head still on my pillow.

Years ago I studied hard over many months and became a certified Master Gardener. I learned a lot more than I ever knew about trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, soil, weather and more. But even more important, during those Wednesday classes I made some terrific friends, people who are still my friends today. I call us the Magnificent 7. And guess what? Four of them are coming to hang out, eat dinner and catch up with each other tonight at my house.

Ginger is flying in from St Louis; she arrives at 1 p.m. and will stay with me for the weekend. She wasn’t able to be at our gathering/cooking class at Gail’s in December so it’s a real treat to have her here for the weekend. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Ginger in person so the conversation will be hopping as we catch up with all her renovation news; Ginger owns a mansion, the Moon Mansion, in St. Louis; it was in dire need of TLC when she and her husband bought it. The saga of the reno always has my full attention!

Margaret, landscape designer, whole-home remodeler and all-around great person, will arrive promptly at 6 p.m. She’ll be holding a precious contribution to tonight’s festivities: dessert. And she likely made it herself using an Ina Garten recipe. Margaret is the first person to introduce me to Ina Garten cookbooks; I am an even better cook now than I was before meeting Margaret and Ina.¬†Margaret worked with me on the Mt Hebron landscape redesign project.

Lita, professional garden tender and knowledgable pruner, wll be here too. And she’ll have a new wine in her hands if I know her. Lita often introduces the Mag 7 to a new wine, tasty and affordable. She, too, is a great cook and she’ll be bringing the potato salad. One of Lita’s specialties is afternoon tea; she knows how to put out a spread at 4 p.m. that is irresistibly delish! I can’t wait to her about her newest grandchild tonight!

Gail, lacrosse mom and community volunteer, will pull her big Suburban into my driveway sometime after 6 p.m., after she’s watched an alumni lacrosse game, ¬†likely fed an army of boys, completed a dozen loads of laundry and who knows what else. Gail is always on the move. She’ll be holding an antipasto platter, one of my favorite appetizers, as well as a green salad and bread. No party is complete without Gail.

Then there’s me. I got the lemon chicken and sun-dried tomato dip under control. . .and the orzo with roasted vegetables. Ina Garten recipes? Natch!

Now I’d better get to some weeding, after all, these women garden! I want to make a good impression!!

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5 Responses to The Magnificent 7 – 2: Party Tonight!

  1. kim says:

    have fun with your friends and a great weekend! I have alot of gardening to do myself!

  2. I’m sure your garden is beautiful! About the only thing that I can grow is weeds. Have a great party!

  3. Lita says:

    It was superb. Lovely friends. Lovely food. Lovely garden. Thank you for a beautiful evening.

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