Texas: Urban Legends versus Reality

What really is bigger in Texas?

When we visited San Antonio and Austin, Texas recently I realized that some urban legends are true: Some things really are bigger in Texas. For instance, if you read my May 9th post you already know that vehicles (trucks! Ford! Chevy!) and hot wings (they look like turkey wings for pete’s sake!) are definitely bigger, much bigger. After covertly observing the female natives for 6 days I can say that the urban legend about big hair on the women is not true; however, I would like to report a crime against scalps everywhere: mullet sightings. The mullet lives and breathes in the San Antonio area, long after Billy Ray Cyrus cut his off. Perched on local scalps like so many beavers, the mullets have formed a community; I swear they rise up in greeting when they pass each other on the streets.

Check out the margaritas at Rita's.

After visiting the River Walk in San Antonio I’d like to add another item to the “Things That Really Are Bigger in Texas” list: margaritas. Whoaaaaa. My husband Mike and I ate lunch at Rita’s on the River Walk. We had eaten there years ago with our (then) young kids so we sat down recently for nostalgia’s sake. Following the same walk-down-memory lane thinking, I ordered a margarita, like I did when I visited years earlier. The waiter asked, ” Small or large?” Knowing how the small/large choice works in New Jersey, I automatically said, “Large.”

A short while later our drinks arrived. Mine is the one on the left; Mike ordered the one on the right. Mine: 32 ounces on the rocks. Mike’s: 16 ounces frozen.

The one on the left is not an urban legend. That's real!

So if you plan to visit Texas and order a margarita, please note, “Large really is “large” in Texas.”

Do my hands give you some perspective on the size of this margarita?!


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3 Responses to Texas: Urban Legends versus Reality

  1. Joyce says:

    I love a ‘grande’ margarita : )
    I’m hopefully going to see the Iris gardens on Wednesday, weather permitting. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Enjoyed one of these Texas Sized Margaritas just a couple weekends ago. I love the picture you took – so much so, I used it in my recent blog post. So thanks for that.

  3. Big hair in Texas is alive and well in Dallas and Houston. San Antonio and especially Austin are much more laid back.

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