Austin, TX: Fun, Hip and Happening. Is My Age Showing?

6th Street: food, booze and fun.

Could you have thought of this?

Austin, Texas business owners along 6th Street have a sense of humor and it’s reflected in their signage. It shows in the clever and repeated use of neon. It shows in the wordplay on the signs. I am enthralled with all the cleverness. Austin, state capital of Texas, is fun, hip and happening. The average age of a resident is probably 30; I felt old, but I still forced myself to have a great time. It’s very easy to have fun here.

Tiger blood? Is it a drink? Am I showing my age?

My husband Mike and I rolled into town in Tuesday afternoon and immediately stopped at the first watering hole we saw on 6th Street, Opal Divine’s, for lunch and some people watching. Actually, Mike likes to people watch; I like to examine architecture and signage (I like cemeteries too so what does that say about me?). 6th Street is known for its bars and restaurants. As we walked along the street I was struck by the retro feel of the businesses, especially compared with the sleek newerness of the surrounding city buildings. The businesses on 6th have a relaxed (some with a down-at-the-heels) come-play-here feel that attracts a wide variety of people if our visit was any indication.

I felt like I was up to something slightly illegal hanging out here.

Come. Take a look at some signs and see what we saw. Is Austin your kind of city?

Mild mannered by day, riskee (check out definition in Urban dictionary) by night.

We didn't have to listen to the twang of country music while in Austin. Thank you very much!

Germans settled the area: good beer, good steaks.

The business was klosed!

A lot of the bars have 2nd floor 'scenic overlooks.' Mike loved that!

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