Destination: Texas!

Fresh manicure?


Fresh pedicure?


Refill all tiny travel containers with TSA-approved liquids and gels.



Nope. Not yet.

Can't wait. Can't Wait! Can't WAIT!

My husband Mike and I are going to San Antonio, Texas. This will be my third time visiting that historic city and Mike’s second. The first time I visited was in the late 1980s; my younger sister, Lori, was in the U.S. Army stationed in San Antonio; my Mom and I flew out to watch her graduate from training to become a combat medic. Go ahead. Ask me about sucking chest wounds. I heard all about them from Lori years ago and I haven’t forgotten one detail. Unfortunately. It was so hot during that first visit that I could feel my skin burning under my sun block.

The second time I visited San Antonio was with Mike and our kids. We visited the Alamo, which son

Made Tory nervous.

Max found incredibly fascinating, but the best daughter Tory came up with was that she didn’t like the park ranger’s hat; it made her nervous. They would cite Sea World as the most fun during that visit. I would say it was visiting the Texas Hill country when a raging thunder, lightning and hail storm swept through. Talk about noisy! The weather, including the cool storm, was wonderful, mid-70s and so, so pleasant.

We're hoping to eat in Bess Bistro in Austin; Sandra Bullock is part owner.

This time it will be just the two of us. We are anticipating dinner at restaurants along the River Walk, a trip to Austin to see if we can see Sandra Bullock and little Louis (really!), and visiting the Texas Hill country again just to kick things off. We’re like that: either on the move doing fun stuff or flat lining in a lounge chair next to the pool. Either way, it’s going to be fun. We looked at the weather forecast: high 70s when we arrive and 100-plus degrees by about day three. I’m sweating already!


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  1. Joyce says:

    Sounds like lots of fun! Have a great trip!

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