A Spring Victory Garden

Fresh spring greens

A few weeks ago I planted leaf lettuce and radishes; then it snowed. We had a sun shiny day yesterday and I strolled to the veggie garden to see if they seeds had survived. In fact, they are growing! So are the poppy seeds I scattered!

Black seeded Simpson leaf lettuce is my favorite.

Remember when I bought already hardened off ‘starts’ of leaf lettuce, parsley, spinach and broccoli at Wightman’s Farm Stand? With the few sunny days we’ve had, the little plants are now a lot bigger, ready-to-pick bigger.

Spinach from a spring garden is delish!

Last evening, scissors and basket in hand I snipped and clipped leaf lettuces, parsley and spinach for salad. The home-grown greens were crunchy and fresh. I added carrots, broccoli, cucumber, tomato, tiny mozzarella balls and tossed it all together with Ina Garten ‘s Caesar dressing recipe. Yum! My daughter Tory and I inhaled all the deliciousness!

I’ve been planting early spring gardens in pots for years; even when we lived in an apartment I had pot gardens. Typically I plant in two largish pots that I put in full weak spring sunshine outside my back door. It’s an easy, convenient way to have greens for crunchy fresh home-made spring salads. If snow threatens I just pop an old umbrella or sheet over the pots until the weather passes. I don’t know about you, but by late winter I’m pining for my garden and sunshine so my spring potted greens help me bridge the time until I can actually get outside and garden in a big way.

Rosemary, parsley, chives, thyme, all conveniently located outside my back door.

P.S. The ‘Pink Balcony’ begonia tubers I planted in March are finally emerging from their warm potting soil; look at the green and white pots in the background of the photo above!

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