Spring in Northern New Jersey: It’s Coming!

Take a look at the sky from under the pergola; that's a Texas purple wisteria on it.

Today the weather is mild here in Northern New Jersey so I took my Nikon D90 out into the yard to see if I could find signs of spring approaching. And, thankfully, the answer is “yes, I did.” It’s been a very long, snowy, ugly, back breaking winter around here and I want to see the end of it. Now.

Snowdrops and witch hazels pop out at about the same time in my yard!

Don't the snowdrops look ballerinas in their white, white tutus?

The witch hazel looks like a party on a branch!

With the sun warm on my back and my feet snug in waterproof boots I meandered around, listening to the cardinal sing and the breeze blow through the dried hydrangea flower heads. I wish you were here walking with me. It’s heartening to see the buds starting to swell on the dogwood tree

The dogwoods are cautiously optimistic spring is coming.

and climbing hydreangeas,

The climbing hydrangeas are slowly, but surely waking up.

the bulbs fighting their way through the cold, cold soil

Bulbs are some of the first harbingers of Spring!

including the stalwart daffies!

and the first leaves of the chrysanthemum open.

Spring green is an evocative color name, don't you think?


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4 Responses to Spring in Northern New Jersey: It’s Coming!

  1. Goodness! You are SO far ahead of us weather wise. I’m wishing I were in Jersey right now. Although our snow is melting today, it’s still been terribly cold and very much winter.

    Enjoy your signs of spring. Please keep sharing them to give us arctic dwellers hope.

  2. carole says:

    I am sooooo jeealous!! There is still about two feet of snow on my deck and more than that out in the field….so I am guessing that we will see green shoots perhaps about August…..

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