When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get a Mani/Pedi

We have spent way too much money on car hassles in a year.

Since February 2010 we (our family of four drivers) have totaled one car, bought four cars, been victims of two hit and run accidents, blown a head gasket, racked up three blown tires in a couple of weeks, hit a snow bank and crumpled a fender, experienced 2 power window issues of epic proportions (and cost), hassled with repeated  “check engine” issues, and more. I have handled every single one of the issues related to the events and I’m tired of it all.

Today, feeling particularly low in spirit, I declared a mani/pedi afternoon and headed to my favorite nail salon. It’s my favorite nail salon, but I haven’t been there in months. I walked through the door and the owner raised her eyebrows, smiled and said, “Welcome back! Have you been traveling?”

Have you ever had a pedicure? You sink into a comfy massage chair, crank it back to partially recline, roll your pant legs up past your knees and sit back, ready to be buffed, polished and released, a more relaxed woman.

Flip flops, nail polish and a tired pedicure await the administrations of a trained nail technician.

One of the lovely and talented technicians begins her magic: Your foot is cradled in a warm palm and old polish is gently removed. Feet and lower legs soak in a purply sanitizing water bath that smells lovely.

Feet relax. Lower legs relax. Callouses relax.

Ahhhh. You sink lower in the chair.

Rough heels are sanded smooth. Nails are filed into nice square-round shapes (Yes, that is a shape in the nail world!). Then comes a vigorous sugar scrub that starts at the tops of your knees and ends at the tips of your happy, happy toes. A warm rinse follows.

All cleaned up and ready for those long kneading strokes that hurt so good.

Ahhhh. You become one with the chair.

And then? Then the warm lotion massage begins. Long strokes work out kinks you didn’t know you had in your calves, ankles and feet. A peppermint scent wafts up and up and registers in your olfactory zone as ‘perfect.’

Ahhhh. You become the chair.

Later. Much later, you re-enter the real world and find you have delightful pink toes bright with new polish. Today it was OPI ‘Pink Flamenco’ for my toes.

OPI polish is my fav because of the variety of the colors (love the names) and its ability to last a long time on my toes.

Essie's 'topless & barefoot' polish matches my skin tone nicely. I like it.

Ah yes. For the manicure I fell for a new Essie shade, ‘topless & barefoot.’ The color pretty much matches my skin tone and reminds me of Key West, FL.

I love Essie's St. Tropz spring 2011 nail colors!


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3 Responses to When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get a Mani/Pedi

  1. carole says:

    mmmmmm…I am going to make an appointment tomorrow!!

  2. Love your nails! Glad you enjoy some good pamper time. You deserve it! Hope your vehicle problems improve soon.

  3. toemailer says:

    Drop by toemail, we don’t do pedicures, but we often show off the results. I am sure you would get some applause 🙂

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