New Treadmill: Another PaceMaster for Us

U.S. made and reliable.

Our new treadmill was delivered last night! It took less than 30 minutes for the two men to remove our 15-year-old PaceMaster and set up our new Silver Select XP!  And since the treadmill resides on our third floor (gotta love a Victorian-style home) I was concerned about possible damage to walls and floor as the treadmills were switched out. We had no problems: no bumping harshly from step to step with the 190-pound treadmill swaying from side to side. No thumps from hitting the walls. No flat tires. Nothing! It was wonderful.

Here's the dashboard!

My husband Mike used the treadmill last night and was pleased; I will use it today and know I will be pleased. It has 9 preset programs, a heart monitor, incline and quick start options. It’s a little fancier than our original “Bronze Basic”-equivalent model, but certainly not over the top. It does have a soft deck; that’s what convinced me to move up one model. The decking is softer on the Silver Select XP; I can feel it when I walk and run on it. Anyone with tender foot bottoms would likely feel the same difference as I do. If you’re in the market for a new treadmill, try the PaceMaster Silver Select XP.

Another plus for our household is that this treadmill is an American-made product. Actually, it’s made in New Jersey. Imagine that! And you want to know what else? It cost us a little less for this treadmill than it did for our previous PaceMaster.  I’m not asking any questions; I’m just saying!

P.S. PaceMaster doesn’t know that I wrote this; they didn’t ask me to write it, nor did I receive and goods or services or discounts for writing it. I am just happy to have a new PaceMaster in my house.

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3 Responses to New Treadmill: Another PaceMaster for Us

  1. Peggy says:

    I am very jealous! On these cold days, I wish I had one of those in my house. Of course, then I would have no excuses for not working out.

  2. Your new treadmill sounds pretty amazing! Very happy for you. Hope you use in much good health.

  3. Congrats, it is really not easy to find a treadmill that pleases you and your family. Good on you.

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