2000 Subaru Forester: K-Ching! Getting It Fixed

Max will learn that you pay big once and sometimes you keep paying.

Our son Max bought a 2000 Subaru Forester off eBay and he and I picked it up in New Hope, PA on Sunday, 6 days ago. Max immediately drove the Subaru back to Big Ten College since he had classes to attend to become a productive member of society (Does anyone need a History major? Let me know and I’ll hook you up!). Since Sunday my husband Mike and I have received a number of calls from Max about his new vehicle.


<Deep breath>

Sunday: The wobbly gas pedal remains wobbly. Cost: $0

Monday: The two small chips in the windshield (which I never noticed; bad, Mom!) were repaired by a roving windshield repair van. Cost: $120

Tuesday: The “battery!” and “brake!” lights that started to glow menacingly on the Subaru’s dashboard had to wait until Wednesday to be addressed; Max had classes to attend.

Wednesday: The seller, whom Max called to share a few choice thoughts, suggested the Subaru needed a battery cable and brake fluid. The Meineke repair facility personnel begged to differ. The alternator was bad, which made the dashboard light up like Fourth of July fireworks. New alternator plus labor. Cost: $255.

Once Meineke repaired the alternator it had to replace the battery since the faulty alternator killed the battery stone dead. Cost: $100.

Ooops, almost forgot the new windshield wipers. Cost: $30.

So far Sunny the VW Bug really likes the Subaru. I caught them rim to rim in our driveway last night.

Max drove the Subaru home this weekend without incident. Uh. Except for the driver’s side headlight, the one I noticed was burned out when we were testing things to make sure they worked before Max paid for the Subaru and drove it away last Sunday. When I pointed out the “dead headlight” the seller told us it was no big deal since he’d been working on the car; he reached in, wiggled the bulb and it obediently lit back up. I gave him the stink eye, but Max was anxious to leave so I kept my mouth shut. That dead headlight is back. I figure Max and Mike will discuss it later today. I don’t plan to be around then.

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  1. ME says:

    You bought a car 12 model years old!! what do you expect!

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