N.J. Provisional Driver’s License: Tory Turned 17!

Part of the process of getting her provisional driver's license was to wait in a few lines. They gave Tory a number and she waited patiently until it was called.

Yesterday, my daughter Tory turned 17. And she did what every red-blooded New Jersey teen does when they turn 17: She drove with her parent (me) to N.J. Motor Vehicle to take her road test; she was on a mission to get her provisional driver’s license and shake me off her tail feathers once and for all. I was as ready as I could be.

Tory drove us out of the driveway at 8 a.m. and arrived at the Wayne, N.J. DMV a while later, where she was third in line to take her road test on the closed course. She was fully prepared to stop at stop signs, yield at yield signs, signal properly for turns and parallel park. She was determined to pass this test with flying colors. She was nervous though: drumming fingers on the steering wheel, quiet, cracking knuckles, quiet and then “I am really nervous. My stomach is in knots,” she blurted out.

“No doubt. I understand,” I replied.

“No. I’m  r e a l l y  nervous,” she said with an uncharacteristic quaver in her voice.

“T, you will pass. Like my Dad said to me, ‘Kid, you’ll do just fine. Do it.’ “ I said as I covered her hand with mine.

And she and Sunny, her beloved VW Bug, did.


Tory and Sunny were third in line to take the road test at NJ DMV yesterday morning. Tory didn't get the legendary grouchy official; the boy in front of her did!

Tory pulled up to the stop sign. It was time for her and Sunny to show the official what they had learned over the past year.

Tory, Sunny and her official tester checked Tory's paperwork. Tory said she got the legendary nice official!

Tory and Sunny at the beginning of the road test course. Vroom! They're off, shaking just a little with nerves!

SUCCESS! Tory passed her road test and was on her way in to fill out paperwork to get her provisional license!!

Tory dislikes paperwork almost as much as taking out the garbage, but she filled out all the forms without a grouchy word passing her lips. That's my girl!

After her number was called, Tory followed the red line to the DMV woman who photographed her, collected her $6 and ultimately gave Tory her provisional driver's license!

I watched from the window as Tory and Sunny left the driveway without me for the very first time yesterday. The end of an era for me; the beginning of a new phase for my girl Tory. Traveling mercies, child. Be safe.


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3 Responses to N.J. Provisional Driver’s License: Tory Turned 17!

  1. Karen George says:

    …is it possible? Great pictures and great text! Thanks for sharing them with Carole who shared them with me! Of course, I never got to see her beautiful face!!! Come to Maine one of these days! Love, Karen

  2. Danielle says:

    im a teen age girl as well as Tori i was excited when i got my permit now i have my license for awhile now i think driving is cool and i happy i passed my road test i had a nice person that gave me the road test thank god i didnt get a strict driver road test person i think tori has a nice car and i wish her best of luck and tori when did you get your license?

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