Another Snowstorm: Do You Have Bread and Milk?

The snow just started and already we can see our footprints on the porch steps!

Here in Northern New Jersey the snow has begun in earnest.  Earlier this evening I snapped a few photos of our snow prep; we don’t have a garage so I covered my Audi A5 to make it easier to clear the estimated 12-18” of snow from it in tomorrow.

As long as the winds don't whip up to 50 mph tonight the cover should stay on my car!

And our daughter Tory’s beloved VW Bug Sunny? Well, she threw a chain the other day that makes her driver’s side window go up and down so the window is open about 1” just waiting for the snow to accumulate in her interior. Tory is at work so I took the liberty of using painter’s tape to seal the open window.

My handiwork!

What do you think Tory will say when she sees the bright blue painter’s tape? I’m hoping she just says, “Thanks, Mom.”

The snowflakes are huge and coming down fast around here.

Another snowstorm. . .more shoveling. Look at the size of the flakes!!

What’s happening in your area?

P.S. I ran to ShopRite last evening so I didn’t have to fight the crowds of folks buying bread and milk today!

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3 Responses to Another Snowstorm: Do You Have Bread and Milk?

  1. carole says:

    I keep telling you…..forget the bread and milk, head for the beer and chips!! It just started snowing here (7:30am) and the powers that be say that we are kind of on the edge of the storm although you couldn’t tell it by looking outside (or not, as the windows are snow splattered). Kimi and I shall finally drag ourselves out of bed for coffee….

  2. It’s my belief that there’s a huge subconscious need to make french toast when it snows. Bread, milk, and eggs, what else could you possibly need?

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