Happy New Year, My Friends

Business as Usual Here. What Are Your Plans?

This is what I've been doing since the early morning hours of Wednesday!

Last night my husband Mike and I quietly welcomed 2011 in the comfort of our family room, me stretched out on the sofa and Mike in a leather recliner. We stayed up until 12:30! I am still recovering from my major stomach malady of earlier in the week so this is how I toasted the beginning of 2011:

Yep. I toasted the New Year in with water and Cheerios.

Our daughter Tory and five of her friends reveled below stairs at our home, listening to music, talking, dancing, watching the ball drop on TV and playing Twister. The kids were noisy, then quiet, then noisy again. Typical teenagers.

While the three of us celebrated at home, our son Max and his many (20, at last count) buddies travelled to a friend’s Catskills home for fun in the cold and general revelry. Haven spoken to our son, I can assure you that no one was hurt or hospitalized before, during or after the festivities. Their Mad Men-themed party was deemed a success!

The young men are Eagle Scouts and they are ready to test themselves once again.

Now our Eagle Scout son and his good buddy Eagle Scout Sam and one of Sam’s summer trip-to-Alaska-to-freeze-his-butt-off-and-learn-how-to-survive buddies are driving to New Hampshire where they plan to spend five days hiking in the freezing, blowing wind and cold up some major (for the East Coast) mountains. Those of you who have been reading this blog for a year know that Max and Sam and their Eagle Scout buddy Oliver (who can’t make the hike this year since “I have to be back at school on Tuesday. And I hate freezing my butt off anyway!”) did a shorter, less-risky trip to the Catskills for a winter hiking adventure last year at this time (Camping with the Buds, No Not Beer).

Max and his two hiking buddies are pumped for this trip to the White Mountains. They packed and repacked, strategized and consulted maps. They claim they are ready to take on the mountain and return, safely. They will be out of cell phone and human range for days. I will be praying daily, perhaps hourly, for their safe return from this adventure. Would you like to join me?

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2 Responses to Happy New Year, My Friends

  1. carole says:

    I stand ready to race across the state to NH and effect any required rescue!! Alternatively, you know if they get tired of freezing their collective butts off they are welcome to camp out here and no one would contradict them….
    Happy New Year to you all…..

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