Flower Show Competition Tomorrow

“Small Design” Is My Category

Waaay back in October, while I was sunning myself in Bonita Springs, FL, I received an email from my garden club offering me an opportunity to prepare and show a design in a small standard flower show in December. Relaxed and calm, I smiled to myself and thought what a great idea it would be for me to enter. I immediately emailed the consultant in charge of design and asked her to sign me up.

Fast forward to this week .You should have seen the look on my face when my calendar peeped me a reminder that the flower show – and my arrangement – is on Wednesday, this Wednesday. Suffice to say, I gathered my design supplies this afternoon after I got out of work: down to ShopRite to purchase fresh, inexpensive “small” flowers, then over to Jerry’s to purchased some mat board in a color that would complement the flowers I purchased and the container I chose from my home stockpile. That was the time consuming, but easy part. The time consuming, but hard part was coming right up!

I dropped my daughter Tory off at work and knew I had three full hours to plot and execute a design, cut and piece together the background and underlay, and fill out the required paperwork before I had to pick her up from work. Easy peasy, right? Uh. Not really. I’ve been too busy this fall to enter a design in my club’s monthly competitions; therefore, I’m rusty, really rusty. The last design I did for judging was waaay back in April. Gulp.

On a whim I gathered freeze dried carpet roses, euonymus berries, sedum flower stalks, astilbe stalks and lavender from my yard. Why? I really don’t know since I already had fresh flowers conditioning in water. And it was cold as heck outside when I was snipping away at dead stuff. Anyway, for whatever reason, I created a design using only the freeze-dried plant material from my yard. Here’s the design.

Freeze-dried floral design. Is that a category?

Kinda creepy isn’t it? My friend Adelle can gather bits of stuff from her yard and make a blue ribbon arrangement. Me? Not so much, at least not in the dead of winter. After I got the goth design thing out of my system I went to work on my “Have Yourself a Merrry Little Christmas” design. Here it is.

Here's the design I'll submit for judging, although I'd love to submit my goth one!

It isn’t the best work I’ve done, but I’m not going to be too hard on myself (Carole, do I hear you gasping?). After all, it’s my first design of the club season, and second of all, I took a look at what I submitted last year as a small design and this one is a heck of a lot better! Even if it’s not a blue ribbon, it’s still progress and growth from where I was last year at this time. I’m proud of that!

P.S. I’ve been driving around in my Audi today. I feel like a new woman! I LOVE my car and I’m so happy it’s back in the driveway, and my life!


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  1. Lita says:

    Your design is a breath of spring that gets the blue ribbon in my book. Go girl!

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