Oh, Christmas Tree!

Sneak Peek: Comfort Food Kitchen Cooking Party at Gail’s

It’s been a busy weekend around here. We started decorating the house for Christmas. My daughter Tory and her boyfriend Kailan kicked off by decorating our tree. The two teens, music blasting, laughed, talked and, oh yeah, decorated our tree; my husband Mike just needs to put the angel on the top. And since it’s raining cats and dogs today, I’m sure he’ll do it pretty quickly. You see, the rain has dampened his exterior setup of his annual Christmas light spectacular. Mike is a man on a mission when it comes to exterior Christmas lights. Suffice to say, the front of our home is aglow every Christmas season. I’ll pull the tree skirt, stocking, santas, bells, and more out of storage boxes and bop to a Christmas beat as I finish decorating the inside of the house this afternoon.

The two cheerful teens did a great job decorating the tree!

The absolute best part of this weekend for me, though, was Friday night. My Magnificent Seven girlfriend Gail hosted a cooking party at her home, complete with professional chef! Suzanne Michaud of Comfort Food Kitchen showed five of the Magnificent Seven how to prepare a number of scrumptious savory hors d’oeuvres. She demonstrated the method, gave us helpful hints, then we tried it for ourselves, hands on. What fun! Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on the cooking part of the party!

Suzanne Michaud is da bomb!

Billie Jean says she's hungry. Really, really hungry.

Gail’s two German Short-Haired Pointers, Cooper and Billie Jean attended the cooking party too. You know Cooper and Billie Jean already if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time; I’ve written about walking with Gail and her dogs a couple of times. Friday night Cooper and Billie Jean, tails wagging, joined us in the kitchen. In short, they are mooches.

Prior to our arrival I heard that Cooper snatched a mouthful of peppers (I think) right from under Gail’s watchful eye.

Cooper, attempting to charm me into giving him a piece of. . .anything!

The dogs were in food heaven as the scent of French ham, Gruyere cheese, roasted peppers and more wafted right past their noses, and the dogs did their level best to entice us, the human guests, to smuggle them bits of savory.

Problem was that we, the human guests, were pounding down the delicious food as soon as it came off the stovetop or out of the oven! We weren’t sharing. Taste Suzanne’s food and you’ll know what I mean; you won’t be handing it to a dog, no matter how nice the dog! The dogs tried everything to score a snippet of food, but to no avail.

After a while Cooper resorted to being a pointer.

German Short-Haired Pointers really do point!


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  1. Cooper did get the biscotti as I was cleaning up the kitchen!!! Gotta love him……….sometimes………Gail

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