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A friendly group of writers gets together weekly.

Last night I went to a meeting of the Write Group, a long-time Northern N.J. writer’s group that meets weekly in various formats to encourage writers to, well, write. Last evening’s topic was “Social Media” and Jaime Nelson ( was the presenter. She explained how writers can and should use social media to call attention to themselves and their writing. I loved the presentation and I loved Jaime, a warm, friendly young woman. If you live in Northern NJ and you’d like further information about the Write Group, give me a shout out. If you’d like to see Jaime’s Powerpoint presentation, click here: .

After the meeting I went online and checked out the Montclair Patch’s “Grouchy Jersey Girl” Josie Zeman at; I met Josie at the Write Group meeting last night. She’s a friendly woman with a sense of humor. When she mentioned that she writes for Montclair Patch, an on-line community news, events and information source, I was intrigued and wanted to read what she’s written. I wasn’t disappointed; her views of life and living as an older person made me smile. Her essay on “Why I Hate Traveling” reminded me of my Mom. Yes, she’s kinda grouchy, but in a humorous way.

I've found some new bloggers whom I really like!

While cruising around the Patch site I stumbled on “The View from the Middle” written by Jessica Wolf and I was captivated. I can so relate to her article “Putting the Great Back in Grateful.” Jessica writes about a time when she was hit really hard by life events and went down for the count. At the urging of a friend Jessica started a 40-day gratefulness journal to help her focus on things, people and events for which she is grateful rather than focusing on all the bad, the negative and depressing. She talks about how she thought the concept was kinda stupid, but how it ultimately helped her readjust. Intrigued I hopped to Jessica’s blog ( to read more of her musings. She nearly brought me to my knees a few times with her honesty. Her post on anger hit home. Hard. Ouch! I’m going back for more.

P.S. Tonight I’m attending a cooking party at my friend Gail’s home. A number of my Magnificent Seven friends are gathering so it’s sure to be a great time. I’m taking my new camera with me.

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