Audi A5 Repair: Can You Spell F R U S T R A T I O N ?

How about C O M M U N I C A T I O N ?

"Surface" damage according to the auto body repair facility affiliated with Meadowlands Audi.

My Audi A5, which I dropped off Monday morning, December 6 is now supposed to be repaired by Monday, December 13, 2010, one week after I dropped it off for what Rob, the Meadowlands Audi-affiliated body shop manager, calls “minor damage.”

It’s been an incredibly frustrating experience dealing with Audi’s service advisor and the polite, but ultimately unhelpful people at GEICO.

Here’s the story:

I contacted then visited a GEICO on-the-spot repair estimator named Mike who gave me what he (and I) felt was just the opening salvo in the repair of my 16-day-old car.

I called Audi and scheduled an estimate visit, showed up for it and met Jose, who told me they do estimates and repairs as an all in one.

I rescheduled/dropped off the car for an all-in-one visit on Monday, December 6 for what Jose, my service advisor, said would be a 2-3 day job.

The body shop in which my car seems "trapped" is affiliated with this company.

No word from Audi by late Monday afternoon so I called/left a message/got a return call from Jose: No GEICO adjustor showed up.

No word from Jose by Tuesday afternoon so I called/left a message/got a return call from Jose: No adjustor showed up again on Tuesday. Thinking that perhaps Audi needed to call GEICO to get the repair process rolling I called/spoke with Mike, my on-the-spot adjustor from GEICO, to find out what he thought the process should be and, I admit, to complain; he said no one from Audi contacted GEICO or him directly despite Audi having been given appropriate contact numbers by me. I asked Mike to call Jose. He did.

On Wednesday, Rob, Meadowland’s Audi-affiliated body shop manager called me; we talked; he explained the bumper can be repaired to look like new. Gee. I wish Jose could have explained the process so I could have stopped obsessing about getting a new bumper instead of just getting it fixed. Still no adjustor, though. Ah yes. Rob said that his body shop is a new “premiere” one for GEICO so Audi doesn’t have to call an adjustor; the adjustor just “shows up.” If that is true, then explain to me why the guy hasn’t “showed up” yet this week! I called Rebecca at GEICO’s 800 national number; she gave me the name/number of the adjustor assigned to my case (he’s a “replacement” for the regular adjustor, who must have been on vacation or something) but Rebecca said he would be there that day, Wednesday, or Thursday at the latest.

Oh where, oh where can my GEICO adjustor be?

On Thursday (that’s today) Jose called and left me a message saying the adjustor still hasn’t showed up, but Audi will begin repair of the bumper. I called Jose back, got his voicemail and asked when my car will be ready. Two hours later he returned my call and said it should be ready on Monday. I ask him to call me on Monday when he finds out they’ve delayed the repair even longer (sarcasm). I then called Roberto, the replacement insurance adjustor, and got his voicemail. I left him a message saying that I understand he never showed up to look at my car and asked to hear his version of the story. I had to wait a long time to leave my message as his greeting is about 2 minutes long, and it assured me he calls clients back within an hour or I should call his boss. Guess what? I left the message at 1:13 p.m. and NO CALL BACK from my adjustor Roberto yet today.  I called Edwin, my Audi salesperson, but he was out of office today; I left him a voicemail telling him how irate I am and asking if the “Audi Care” maintenance plan I signed up for has to be done through Meadowlands Audi since I know I won’t be able to stand the stress of dealing with them when my car needs maintenance or (God forbid) repair. I then called Mike, the original GEICO adjustor, but he’s out of the office today; I left him a voicemail telling him that no GEICO adjustor every showed up as of 2 pm today, Thursday and telling him how angry I am. I received an email back from Edwin; he said he forwarded my emails to “upper management.”

So folks, that’s where I am: Nowhere.

P.S. I’m sick and tired of the whole situation and am seriously considering never writing about it again because my blood boils every time I do.

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