Home Again, Naturally

Getting Back in the Groove

Nice houses for nice people in AZ.

Yesterday my Continental Airlines flight touched down at Newark Liberty Airport almost 20 minutes early. I returned from spending five days with my Mom at her new abode in Sun City, Arizona. If you’ve been reading this Blog regularly, you know I did a Few of My Favorite Things: shopping for furniture deals, rearranging existing furniture, artfully arranging some of my Mom’s collections (baskets, Longaberger baskets, lots and lots and lots of them), hanging wall art, a little garden prep and other really fun, fun things. . .

What was that?

You don’t think the things I think are fun are any fun at all?

You think those tasks fall under the category of “Work” or “Drudgery?”

Ahhh. Come on. What else would you be doing with all that free time? Lazing by a pool? Sitting in the sun? Eating too much?

<oh. okay. I get your point.>

Some nights I think that I'll never fall asleep again.

Anyway, my body rhythm is off; AZ time is two hours different than NJ time so I’m blaming that for my sleepless night. I woke up at 1 a.m. this morning, tossed like a well-dressed salad for 45 minutes, gave up and got out of bed, made myself a cup of herbal tea, thought about calling my girlfriend Pat who had hand surgery last week and was likely awake at the same time as I was, thought the best of it in case her husband Drew heard her cell phone ringing, gave the Siamese a snack, and read the local weekly newspaper. You know, those things you do when you can’t sleep?

What was that?

You don’t do what I do?

You sleep through the night? Routinely?

Move over. I want whatever it is you’re eating ‘cause I haven’t slept through the night consistently for years.

Anyway, right now I’m weary.

With my rhythm more soporific classical than my usual 80s rock and roll I had a hard time powering through my To Do List today:

I was NOT bumpin to my usual 80's beat today.

I dropped Tory off at school, went to the dry cleaner to pick up/drop off my husband Mike’s stuff, stopped at the bagel store to get my daughter Tory mini bagels she will eat for the next couple of mornings, came home and made business phone calls, went to the bank, drove to Secaucus to drop my damaged Audi A5 off for an estimate and repair, got a ride home from a service person and immediately hopped in Tory’s VW named Sunny and drove to ShopRite to purchase healthy food for us to eat for the week, came home and put the groceries away, left again and visited Belgiovine’s in Montclair to pick up some awesome store-made frozen meatballs and gravy for dinner tonight, ate lunch at Toast, which is in the same little line of stores near the Montclair Art Museum, got gas in Sunny, went to a different bank for the high school Volleyball Booster Club, of which I am treasurer, came home and created two fresh floral arrangements (one for the wall vase in my kitchen and the other for the half bath), left again to pick Tory up from her post-school workout, fed her some Italian chicken soup, drove her to her pitching lesson in Glen Rock, came home and cooked spaghetti and meatballs, sat with Tory and figured out what winter softball clinics/showcases she’s like to attend, dropped Sunny off for an oil change and headlight repair and now here I sit with only about a half dozen more tasks to do before I go to bed.

Not bad for my first day back in NJ.

And you?

Did you bump along to your usual beat today?


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2 Responses to Home Again, Naturally

  1. Sounds like a typical day! Let’s see, yesterday I drove my daughter to Hebrew School, came home to pick up my son and drove him to Hebrew High, went home and started the laundry and emptied the dishwasher, drove my houseguest to the airport, went back to watch my daughter’s class perform at the Hanukkah Showcase, took my daughter to pick up the present she made for her dad at the pottery place, stopped at Radio Shack to pick up a couple of things, and then swung by to pick up my son from Hebrew High. By then, it was time for lunch (1:30). You get the idea.

    The life of a mom. Never enough time to get everything done. 🙂

  2. Cindy says:

    My daily to-do-lists now seem quite short thanks to these two women sharing their daily events. I think I’m actually feeling blessed to spend 8 hours a day at a paid job. Thank you ladies

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