Fajitas, a Restaurant, with a Side of Goodwill (and Some Upscale Retail)

Grass Doesn’t Grow Under Our Feet

80 degrees, sunny with a slight breeze.

Can you feel it?


I did today (bwahahaha to my friends in the frozen Northeast). Me in my shorts and t shirt and sandals.

A local institution with good food.

Fajitas were on the menu for Mom and me today. We had sizzling hot and yummy fajitas at a local restaurant called (simple, right?) Fajitas today to celebrate (albeit belatedly) Mom’s birthday. Fresh, warm, really thin and crunchy corn chips arrived at our table with two small bowls of spicy hot chunky salsa. One bite and I knew if my husband Mike was sitting at the table neither Mom nor I would have gotten another chip in our mouths. Mike would have scooted the basket of chips and bowl of salsa under his chin and scarfed the lot down. Without stopping.

Look at these thin, crunchy, warm chips. Not greasy either!

hot, hot hot. And really tasty. See the steam rising?!

We ordered chicken fajitas for two, 8 ounces of sizzling hot chicken served on a bed of sautéed onions. The skillet arrived smoking hot and, yes, really sizzling. A plate of cheddar cheese, sour cream, shredded lettuce and pico de gallo accompanied the skillet. And the flour tortillas, four of them, were snug and warm in their little covered container. Mom and I ate it all. Every single bite. She even suggested we take some extra chips home to eat later.

After lunch we headed to Home Depot to pick up a carpet runner for her front hallway that we had seen (and thought about) yesterday. It’s my Christmas gift to her and she’s excited about that! We also bought a carpet runner for her laundry room, potting soil and fertilizer to revive two large planters in her yard; she plans to plant herbs and veggies in them come January when I’m back in New Jersey freezing my butt off. She smiled when I mentioned that fact to her (the freezing-my-butt-off part).

After that we drove to Michael’s where we picked out fabulous silk flowers that I made into an arrangement in one of Mom’s many Longaberger baskets that will highlight her new hall runner, illuminate an empty corner of her living room and generally add some much-needed color.

Thrift AND consignment shopping rolled into one stop!

And then? Then we pulled into a strip mall that had. . .are you ready?. . .a Goodwill AND a New to You Resale Shop in it. We jumped out of the car and trotted to the door of Goodwill. Unfortunately, we weren’t lucky there; no coffee table worthy of Mom’s newly arranged living room. We went into New to You; I saw a couple possible coffee tables, but Mom wasn’t thrilled with either. It’s a really cool shop though, one worth checking out in the future.

Back to her house we went and unloaded the car,. I dragged the bag of potting soil to the rear yard, unrolled the new carpet runner in the front hall, then made the silk floral arrangement. After that? I hung a lace swag in Mom’s bedroom under her supervision and made a big salad for dinner.

A new floral arrangement to brighten a dark corner.

And now? I’m going to finish this Blog post and bind the two edges of the runner Mom bought for the laundry room then maybe, just maybe hang about 8 framed prints on her walls. Or maybe I’ll do that tomorrow. We’ll see!

Whatcha doin’ at your house?


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