Consignment Shopping and Used Furniture Retailers

I’ve Died and Gone to Resale Heaven

Most of you already know that I like to rearrange furniture, pick stuff up from one part of the house and move it to another (as well as repurpose others’ castoffs that they put at the curb!). I also like to rearrange knick-knacks and generally shove large pieces of furniture around until everything looks “just right.” Well, I have to admit that that’s exactly what I did the first night I arrived at my Mom’s home here in Sun City, AZ. And I worked until 2 a.m. N.Y. time doing it. Then I fell into bed and snored the rest of the night away in utter contentment at a job well done. My Mom loves her newly rearranged living room!

Today I got a taste of shopping deep discount, Sun City style. My Mom moved into a rental house here about six months ago. She needed some furniture to replace/fill some of the rooms. She, my Ethan Allen furniture-buying mother, is shopping resale and consignment shops out here in the Phoenix area.

To put it mildly, I was shocked she was willing to shop “used”. . .until I went shopping with her today. Our mission: purchase the perfect coffee table to replace the blond wood behemoth she has; the new purchase needs to blend with her beautiful existing Huffman Koos dark wood end tables, and newly purchased (resale! consignment!!) Ethan Allen sofa and loveseat. Yowza! What an experience.

Our first stop and real treasure trove of quality used furniture.

We started at Monty’s Furniture, segued to Estate Furniture, then moved on to (I kid you not) a full strip mall of used/consignment/thrift furniture shops that included Sun Cities Animal Rescue Resale Shop, Soroptimist Thrift Shop, and the Lutheran Thrift Shop, to name just a few.

I love both of my finds!

We found a couple of quality prints that are “maybes” for her blank walls in the  living room and Arizona Room at Monty’s and Estate Furniture. I bought a Goebel bird figurine at Monty’s for a real bargain price (Did you know that I collect pretty bird figurines?). And, okay, I bought a gorgeous vasey thingy with birds on it at the Valley View Thrift Shop, the real deal when it comes to down and dirty thrift shop shopping. I was in heaven, having the time of my life sifting through the piles and piles of “stuff.”

More of what I'm used to when it comes to resale shops.

Well, the long of it is that we shopped all day, while the short of it is that we didn’t find the perfect coffee table. The upshot? WE GET TO DO IT AGAIN TOMORROW!

<a shiver of excitement is coursing through my veins>


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