German Short-Haired Pointers

Walkin’ the Dogs, Part 2

Talk about excitable. . .just say the word "walk" around Gail's dogs and watch'em start wiggling.

My Magnificent Seven friend Gail owns two German short-haired pointers. Back on July 29th I first wrote about taking a walk with them and Gail too, of course. I think they are goofy dogs, full of pep and barks and always looking for their next moving target: squirrel, rabbit, or anything else that moves and looks like it’s fun to chase.

Cooper as he models the "yap trap."

Cooper and Billy Jean love their walks with Gail. In fact, they can hardly contain themselves long enough for Gail to put their walking collars and leashes on. Cooper wags his tail so hard he’d like to knock the wooden fence over,while Billy Jean jumps and wiggles and barks, making it that much more difficult to wrap that ‘yap trap’ collar thing around her muzzle.

Finally, finally they settle down long enough to be strapped in and have their leashes clipped onto their collars. And. . .

We are OFF.  As Gail and I catch up, talking about a mile a minute, the dogs are very busy.

Down the sidewalk, tails up!

Noses in the air, tails wagging!

The dogs are so excited to be outside and walking that we really motor along the sidewalks in town!

Around the corner and down the street, tails up!

Trot around the next corner and STOP.

Cooper in the lead.

Cooper usually leads and Billy Jean bounces along behind him.

Cooper going into partial pointer mode (note his right front leg).

It's a squirrel, Mom!

Look! Look!

Be afraid. Be very afraid if you are a gray squirrel and a German Short-Haired Pointer is in the area!

Squirrel! Squirrel!

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