Liberty Humane Society, Jersey City, NJ

My Feline Office Mate Is a Star!

Sam is a natural in front of the camera!

Sam, one of my Tuesday feline office mates, is famous. My feline companion is Mr. July! Yes! He’s a calendar kitty for the Liberty Humane Society located in Jersey City, NJ (

You see, Sam is a rescue kitty. Found in an old beer crate on a cold winter day, Sam (short for Sam Adams) was rescued by folks from the Liberty Humane Society then adopted by the therapist with whom I work on Tuesdays. He came to live at Judy’s in March. He’s been growing and maturing since he arrived.

Clearly, Sam is part Maine Coon. His luxuriant tail and signs of a classic “ruff” around his neck pretty much give away at least a bit of his parentage. And his big feet! And his large size, even though he isn’t fully grown yet.

Week after week I arrive to work and Sam’s friendly face greets me when I walk inside the front door. He pads over on his pink-bottomed paws and gives me a head swipe along my leg. Yes, I realize he’s “marking” me, but I don’t mind since it means he likes me. When I return home to my two inquisitive Siamese on Tuesdays they invariably make a beeline for my legs and sniff really big sniffs, taking in the essence of Sam. And when they finish sniffing, they look up at me, make eye contact then turn and walk away. Clearly, at least to them, I have been communing with an enemy.

Wouldn't you want to take him home?

So many kitties are not rescued. Sam was one of the lucky ones. If you’d like to help Sam and other cats (and dogs) like him, please consider purchasing a “Liberty Tails 2011” calendar from the Liberty Humane Society of Jersey City, NJ or making a donation in Sam’s name.  100% of the proceeds from the calendar will go directly to the welfare of the animals at the Society. Here’s the link if you’d like to order the calendar!

P.S. This is from my heart, not a paid plug.

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    What a nice post and a beautiful cat!
    The LHS web address is and you can order the calendar here:

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