Death of a Beloved Uncle

Uncle Bud was a life-long church goer and all-around good guy.

My Uncle Bud passed away quietly at home on Monday morning. I received the call from Margaret, my cousin Lenny’s wife. His grandsons, in true Pennsylvania tradition, had the honor of carrying their grandfather’s now-quiet body to the waiting hearse. Knowing my family and those young men, it was a special moment as they helped their grandfather on his final journey.

My family, my history.

Today I’m heading back to my people, the Pennsylvanians who helped me become who I am today. After about a 6-hour drive I’ll be “home,” as my Dad used to say. Family is gathering and we’ll be together for a celebration of Uncle Bud’s long and full life.

An integral part of my Uncle's life.

After speaking with my cousin Lenny last night, my expectations were confirmed. Fire trucks will be involved. You see, my Uncle Bud was a fireman for many, many years. And he was the fire chief for many more. Then my cousin Lenny became fire chief. It just figures that the pallbearers will be riding on a fire truck, accompanying my Uncle to his final resting place.


Please say a prayer for safe travels for me and my extended family that we may arrive safely and lay my Uncle to rest. He lived a terrific life and now it’s time for that old body to rest while his spirit soars.


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  1. So sorry for your loss. I have lost too many loved ones in the past 2 years.

    May you and your family be spared from any further sorrow for many years to come.

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