When College Children Visit: Here and Gone

Max bought new 'kicks' on his way home; the boy is a shoe fiend. . .like his Mom used to be!

Yes. My son Max came home for the weekend. And I had a wonderful time talking with him and catching up on his life at Big Ten College. I stayed home with him on Saturday and spent significant face time with him while my husband Mike was in Allentown, PA with our daughter Tory, she who plays softball.

One of the things I admire about Max is his gift of conversation. No, not the superficial stuff. What I’m talking about is when Max takes the time to hunker down and have a meaningful conversation about. . .self help in the developing world, for example. I love that he’s fully engaged and interested in the topic and . . .drum roll. . .that he’s interested in what I think. And you? What do you think about a bottom-up approach versus government programs? Let me know because I’m sure Max would want to know what you think too.

In addition to the deep conversations we did. . .laundry – nine loads . . .and lunch at a fabulous Italian bread baking/deli/perfect lunch spot called Nicolo’s. (www.nicolosbakery.com/). When I tell you that my eggplant parm hero was perfect, I really mean it. And When Max says his ham, mozzarella, and tomato Panini was great, he really means it. And our bonus was the fact that the rain had stopped and we could eat outside in the October sunshine and talk some more!

Piles of clean, folded clothes.

Hanger after hanger of clean shirts.

I pile my 'do not forget' stuff in the front hall so I don't forget anything when Tory and I leave at 6:30 am for her tournaments.

All good things must end and Max left to return to college on Sunday afternoon. I didn’t get to say goodbye in person since I was in Allentown, PA cheering Tory on as she pitched a great game against a tough opponent and hit a home run, a triple and numerous singles. Still, I got the significant text messages from my boy.

Some more 'stuff' Max took back to college with him. Excluding the stuff in the frig, freezer, and his room! Never mind the laundry too!

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