Time or Money

Do You Have One or Both?

Pat says she chooses between spending one or the other. How about you?

My friend Pat and I have known each other for years; we met as Master Gardeners in training (she’s one of my Magnificent 7 friends). We try to spend a fair amount of time together; I’ve helped her a bit in her garden and she’s helped me in mine. We’ve traded plants and cuttings. We are tight.

That said, I was always puzzled when Pat would choose to grow perennials, for example, from seed rather than buy them grown and potted up/ready for planting. She’d have these tiny little perennial plantlets in cell pots growing away mightily and I’d already have my perennials planted. At first, I thought it was because Pat likes to putter, and if you don’t know from experience, I can tell you that growing perennials from seed is a lot of puttering over many months. It’s one aspect of Pat’s approach to gardening that I had a hard time connecting with since I’m the see it/buy it/plant it kind of gardener. But, okay, who knows what she thinks of my approach, right?!

Finally, one day I asked her why. Why? At first, I swear she was surprised by my question, but her answer fits my Midwestern friend and her practical approach to life perfectly. She looked at me for a few seconds then replied that she makes her choice based on whether she has the time to wait for a particular plant to reach maturity or whether she doesn’t; if she doesn’t, she purchases the potted up/ready for planting specimen. She went on to say that most people have either time or they have money, but most don’t have both. And then she said,”That’s pretty much it and it applies to most of life in my experience.”

Wow. Now I understand.

As I’m sure you will agree, Pat has balanced her time/money equation beautifully!

And you? What do you prefer? Do you spend the time? Do you spend the money?

Would you agree that Pat's time is well spent? Just look at her window box!!

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7 Responses to Time or Money

  1. pinkknotes says:

    I never thought of it like that! Makes total sense. She really does spend her time well 🙂

  2. Time or Money: A common theme on the frugality blogs. Sometimes I opt for one, sometimes the other, depending on how much I dislike the activity.

    For example, I seriously HATE yardwork (I know, I know, I’m sorry! I know you enjoy gardening. It’s just not for me.). So I pay for a service to cut the hedges and mow the lawn and so on. I’d much rather spend the money.

    But I enjoy baking, so bake a lot of the bread we eat, even though it takes a fair amount of time. In this case, I don’t mind spending the time and I enjoy the savings, too.

  3. Traci Radey says:

    The pictures are great and the story was even better. I am lucky I have your friend Pat’s brother. He is more patient than me at most things but since I try to buy a lot at the 1/2 off section of the nursery and give them a little love. we do well. When it comes to the veggy garden I think we both have the most fun with from seed, it just gives a feeling of accomplishment.
    Love Ya,

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