The Perfect Office Companions

Lilly and Sam, My Tuesday Kitties

First, she stares at me quietly and a little accusingly, "What? What are you doing that more interesting than me?"

Lilly, previously know as OK (short for “Orange Kitty”), and Sam (a Maine Coon sweetheart and soon to be calendar kitty star) keep me company where I work on Tuesdays. The kitties are young, at less than a year old, and frisky to the point of absurd at times. They scamper around my feet. They make me laugh. They climb into my lap. They warm my heart when it needs warming. They are perfect office companions! The best I’ve ever had!!

Two weeks ago, Lilly would not leave me alone.  She wanted attention and she wanted it faster than immediately. For those of you who have kitties or are around them a fair amount, you know what I’m talking about. Here I was working for Lilly’s human Mom and Lilly was doing her level best to distract me from my work.

"Ignore me? Ignore ME?! Oh, I don't THINK so."

It worked for a while too. . .I just couldn’t concentrate with all the caterwauling! Take a look at the video to your right (“My World and Welcome to It”) and see what I mean.

Fast forward to this week. I returned to work to find out that Lilly had surgery the previous week. She has been battling respiratory problems since her human, my boss Judy, rescued her. Lilly has been on antibiotics almost as often as my son Max was during his first year of life (a LOT).  Anyway, Judy had taken her to the vet once again and Lilly ended up having surgery for nasal polyps, of all things.

Now, when I saw Lilly on Tuesday I wouldn’t have known from her demeanor that she’d had surgery. Take a look at the little darling. Does she look like a patient recovering from surgery?

"Work? You really think you can ignore me and work?" Ha, ha, ha.

Lilly bounced back from the surgery and resumed her normal mischievous activities almost immediately, according to Judy.

"Ignore her, " he insisted. "I'm far more handsome!"

With Lilly taking center stage near my desk I hadn’t noticed Sam walk in. Until he plopped himself down, that is. And in a very un-Sam-like way he proffered his belly for a rub. Needless to say, he was shameless . . .and likely trying to take my attention away from Lilly and her nearby antics.

"Ignore me? I don't think so," Sam said as he flipped over to reveal his six-pack abs.

It worked until Lilly strolled over, slapped Sam, then bit his tail. They were off and running.

And me? I returned to work.

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