Audi A5

Final Decision

Saturday morning my husband Mike and I got up later than we planned; our electricity went out sometime during the night so our alarms didn’t sound. Jumping out of bed and rushing around wasn’t much fun, but Mike and I had a mission: to drive to an Audi dealership on Long Island, NY that had an (already sold, but not yet delivered) Audi A5 with Arum beige metallic paint on the outside and a cardamom beige with nutmeg laurel wood trim interior. We wanted to get in, see the car, then hustle out of New York before the traffic started it’s usual insane behavior.

Ohhhh. Isn't it a pretty color?

The salesman was happy to have us come out to see the car; however, if you know me, you know it was a real stretch for me to drive to Long Island. I hate the drive. I hate the  drive across Manhattan. I hate the Long Island Expressway. I hate the ridiculous stop and go traffic. I hate, hate, hate it!

<deep breath; exhale>

Unfortunately for me, the only (yes, it’s true) Arum beige Audi A5 within hours of our home sat in a dealership lot on Long Island. So Mike and I went to see it. Mike, bless his heart, drove. It took about 75 minutes to get there with me white knuckling it the whole way. We pulled into the lot, the salesman pulled the car around and I fell in love. I love the car. I love the exterior color. I love the brown roof. I love the interior color and wood trim. I love, love, love that car.

Mmmmm. Look at that light-colored interior. It reminds me of my old Lincoln. . .loved that car.

After looking at the car for maybe 10 minutes we thanked the salesman, hopped back into my Honda Pilot and motored toward home. On the way we stopped at an Audi dealership much closer to our home that our friend Craig recommended and ordered the car. Yes, for the first time in my life I ordered a car. It’s being made just for me. Me! I am so excited. Guess I’ll have to contain it until the car arrives, sometime in November.


Wheels! I'm gonna have new wheels!!

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2 Responses to Audi A5

  1. Charles Kirby says:

    Nice wheels!
    We ordered the same car (2011 arum beige A4 convertible, but with cinnamon brown interior) soon after you ordered yours. Yup, it’s a beautiful car, and it arrived in about 11 weeks. I’m just wondering how your experience has been with the paintwork. My only complaint is it seems to have developed far more paint chips than did our red 2006 A4 convertible. About 12,000 miles now.
    Hey… We’re relatively unique… They stopped making this color!

    • Hey! Welcome! I haven’t had any issues with the paint at all. I’m a maniac about where/who I park near so I dont’t have any nicks or dings yet I hate the original tires thAt came on the car, but haven’t had a flat yet this winter since switching to the new rims/tires. I get a lot of attention still in my car.. People love the color and body. I didn’t know they stopped making the color. We win! I love it!

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