Baby Shower Fun, 2010

Who Knew?

Here's the invitation. Isn't it cute?

My niece Moriah is having her first child in September.  Her brother LJ and her husband Ariel’s family threw her a surprise baby shower on Saturday night. I haven’t been to a baby shower since my first great-nephew was born almost five years ago, and I realized after Saturday night’s party that I am completely out of touch when it comes to baby shower fun.

Held at the Colonia Elks, party guests – young, old, male, female — were challenged by the significantly underperforming AC on a hot and humid night. Gotta say, though, that the heat did not slow the festivities down one bit. Ariel’s family and Moriah’s and Ariel’s friends kept the party light and fun with their fun and games. And the DJ spun great tunes.

This guy looked better than I did in the heat!

Moriah walked through the door on the arm of her husband Ariel into a pitch-dark room. Alexa, one of Moriah’s warm and welcoming in-laws, threw on the lights and we all yelled, “Surprise!” Moriah, having expected a baby shower at some point, was surprised the shower was then and there. Ariel’s family, so thoughtful, whisked Moriah to the bathroom and presented her with a complete outfit to wear for the evening’s festivities; she looked marvelous!

Can't capture my niece in a photo when she's moving fast to hug her Wisconsin cousin!

Part of the fun for our immediate family was Loryl, Moriah’s cousin who flew through some wicked weather in Wisconsin to attend the shower in NJ. Moriah spotted Loryl and made a bee line to her for a huge hug. The cousins haven’t seen each other in years. Saturday night all the cousins save one were in attendance. Seeing them together, laughing and talking was a real treat for my sister Cindy and me.

The amount and variety of food served at the shower was astonishing: three kinds of rice, two kinds of pasta, BBQ chicken and ribs, pork, potato salad with beets, tiny meatballs, two lettuce salads and more. I tasted it all and it was scrumptious.

At least a dozen different kinds of food, all delish!

Oh my! Grown men drinking from baby bottles. So, ok, it's beer!

After dinner the DJ cranked up the music and my sister Cindy suddenly yelled, “Get your camera and come quick!” So I grabbed my camera and darted to the center of the room. The men were seated in a row and each had a baby bottle filled with beer in his hand. When the DJ gave the signal, the men sucked the beer out of the bottle. The first man done – and he drank that beer really fast — won a prize. In another game the women fed the men baby food, but that’s another story! The evening was hysterically funny and fun!

This guy sure can suck beer out of a bottle. He won!

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