An Ode to Footwear

Can You Ever Have Too Many Pairs of Shoes?

6 pairs of shoes left this store today with us.

Today my son Max drove my daughter Tory and me into New York City for a morning of shopping, walking around, and lunch with my husband, their Dad, Mike. It was a hot and steamy day, but the shopping was fine, mostly for Max, my shoe boy. He is truly my son: He loves a great pair of fashion shoes.

Driving east on Route 3 in Northern New Jersey, Max casually commented that he needed a new pair of shoes. Nodding, I agreed his worn out high tops, oh those purple, blue and green fashion statements, needed to be replaced.

Two teens intend on shopping for shoes.

I walked behind my children as they headed south on 8th Avenue in search of the perfect pair of shoes for Max. He found them . . .4 pairs to be exact . . . at Mr. Joe’s shoe shop on the West Side.

Max likes high tops for work and play so I purchased these for him.

Trying on a new pair with his old ones standing by.

Black and yellow high tops? I don't have a pair of them!

Max likes low tops for fun in the sun so he purchased these for himself. Did I mention how thankful I am that my children are gainfully employed this summer?!

The blue is bright and Tory says Max has 'swag.'

Classic Polos for those hot summer days.

Lest you think Tory, my professional shopper, purchased nothing, take a look at one bag of bargain purchases she hauled home. In addition, I bought her a pair of sandals and another shirt. Her stuff cost a lot less than one pair of Max’s shoes, thus proving my point that she’s a professional shopper and bargain hunter to boot.

A major discount (think really cheap) store in the City.

And me? I bought one pair of $18 sandals for our upcoming vacation.

After sniffing all that shoe leather Max appeared to be on a shopping high and we purchased 4 tee shirts and 3 polo shirts. . .in colors to match his 4 new pairs of shoes. . .perfectly.

My World and Welcome to It“: By the way, we rode the NCY subway. Have you ever ridden a subway and sat next to someone who jiggled? I mean jiggled his/her leg. Like just enough to bug you? Take a look at Max’s leg in the video and tell me what you think. Would it bug you to sit next to that jiggly leg? Take a look at Max’s leg. Who knew he was a jiggler?!

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