A Siamese Addiction

All it takes is a little fresh catnip to get Brutus going.

Brutus, our older Siamese cat, loves fresh catnip. He’s a loving, well-mannered kitty who’s a little shy, until he gets a whiff of fresh catnip. Some cats like the dried stuff, but Brutus loves the fresh. His enjoyment is palpable. He becomes one with the catnip.

Rub, rub, rub! That's what Brutus does!

Every year, I buy or grow a pot of catnip for him, and every year, he demolishes it, smashes it to bits and pieces well before the end of the growing season. Yesterday, I had a largish pot of fresh catnip cooling its heels in the raised vegetable bed.

Since I had finished gardening for the day (okay, I was exhausted and couldn’t lift another thing.), I put Brutus in his harness and leash and brought him outside. Typically, he will circle the house, stop at the boxwoods on the west side of the house to sniff,

Brutus sniffs the boxwoods next to the lavender.

walk to the front yard, hop on the front porch, walk around and hop down, then he walks purposefully to the west side of the house where he walks through the rose arbor, around the bamboo and into the mixed flower bed. He completes the circuit by walking neatly along the raised vegetable beds

A little walk on the edge of the vegetable beds.

and into the little greenhouse to try to flush out a field mouse.

Brutus sniffs, looking for field mice. Yum!

You know, typical cat stuff. To liven him up a bit I brought out the pot of catnip. . .and sat back to enjoy the show. Take a look at the video (click on My World, to your right!).

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6 Responses to Catnip

  1. carole says:

    too cute! He looks like he’s in really good shape – how old is he now?? J & K like the dried stuff — I tried the fresh once and they looked at me with disdain…..

  2. Sherman & Peabody says:

    Auntie D. – Miss Peabody celebrates her 8
    th birthday tomorrow and I am 6 mos. old , the alpha and a total terror-ior! Brutus is looking good!! Does he like worms? I do.

  3. Cindy says:

    Brutus looks very happy. Maybe I’ll try some catnip!

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