The Son Returns

“Now What?” You Ask.

Our son Max has returned from Big Ten College for the summer. Yes. I drove out on Wednesday and brought him and his things home on Thursday. In the little more than 24 hours he’s been home the following has occurred.

On Thursday, Max arrived home at 4 pm. He unloaded the contents of his college dorm room into our basement with the help of his good buddy Greg at 4:05. He started a load of laundry, then took off for parts unknown at 4:15. He wasn’t heard from again until 7:05 pm. At that time, Max and his good buddy Greg arrived to cook flank steak for themselves and my husband (his Dad) Mike; the boys left shortly thereafter, leaving the back door unlocked.

Our daughter Tory and I were in Wayne reading signs about aggressive geese.

Tory and I arrived home at 9 pm Thursday night. My husband Mike said he was well fed. Tory and I were hungry.

Max and his good buddy Greg had disappeared, not to return until after I went to bed (sometime after midnight). Wet laundry was still in the washer and (presumably) dry laundry was in the dryer.

I got up this (Friday) morning and went out to feed the birds. I noticed the exterior basement door to our house was wide open. I walked down the steps to the door at the bottom and found that door unlocked too Apparently all night.

Could it be the boy and his best buddy never locked it when they offloaded all the dorm room stuff into the basement?

I checked the washer and dryer. Still full.

I hiked up the two flights of steps to Max’s room and bellowed, “Did you leave the cellar door unlocked all night?”

To which Max replied, “Huh?”

Running late by now, I jumped into my Honda Pilot then remembered that I needed my wide-brimmed sun hat that was in the far back of the vehicle. I jumped out to retrieve said hat and found that it was . . .missing.

I ran into the house, up one flight of stairs and bellowed into son Max’s ear, “What did you do with my sun hat? It’s missing from the back of the Pilot!”

To which Max replied, “Huh?”

Really late to pick up my good friend Adelle and get working at the community plant sale, I raced down two flights of steps to the basement, yelling all the way about my missing hat. I stopped in mid-bellow as Max’s good buddy Greg shot straight up from the basement sofa. He looked confused by my bellowing. And I, in mid-bellow, shrieked; he scared the crap out of me!

Looking quickly, but not finding my hat, I jammed a baseball cap on my head and raced out of the house to pick up Adelle and get us to our volunteer job, barely on time.

Three hours later I arrived home and jumped into the shower, trying to beat the clock and get to my hair appointment on time. As I ran to the basement to get a clean shirt I noticed that my son Max STILL hadn’t transferred his wash.

Black mold in the washing machine was in my future for sure.

After said hair appointment and one exciting softball game, I returned home.

Wet clothes were still in the washer and (presumably) dry clothes in the dryer. No Max though.

Max did text me a few times during the day though:

“I’m looking for a summer job.”

“I’m at the movies with Margot and Greg.”

“I think I have a job that starts tomorrow. “

A few short hours ago Mike arrived home, and Max followed a short time later. Meanwhile, Tory headed out to a pasta dinner with her softball team, then a babysitting job.

Mike walked in the door looking a little peaked.

Max walked in the door and asked, “Do we have dinner plans?”

As I write Max is in the kitchen cooking chicken wrapped in prosciutto with steamed string beans.

Mike isn’t looking as peaked since he’s smelled Max’s cooking.

Meanwhile, wet clothes are still in the washer and (presumably) dry clothes are in the dryer.

How was your last 24-plus hours?

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2 Responses to The Son Returns

  1. carole says:

    so let’s just be clear — this is your life for the next three months??

  2. Pretty much.

    The good part might be if I’m ever home to eat Max’s cooking. He does that really well.

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