This Is Hard Work

Figuring Out a Vacation Schedule

It’s been pretty tough figuring out a workable schedule on vacation here in Bonita Springs, FL. But by day four I did:

To Do: Wake up. Check email messages. Write blog entry. Eat breakfast. Go to pool. Daydream. Read. Sleep. Read. Daydream. Eat lunch. Shower. Drive. Watch sun set. Eat dinner. Repeat.




That would have been Tuesday?

No? No.

Wednesday? Right.

No matter.

Whatever day it was Mike and I kept to the schedule I devised.

The weather was gorgeous so we spent many hours at the pool.

The view from my lounge chair. Yes. It really is this peaceful!


Dappled sunshine and a favorite author. Way to keep to the schedule!

After lunch we took the long-cut drive through Fort Myers Beach (and thanked our lucky stars we’re staying at the Hyatt Vacation Club Coconut Plantation) to Sanibel and Captiva Islands.

Approaching the causeway that links Sanibel and Captiva to the mainland.

We walked on the beach. And talked.

People? What people? We saw very few.

We drove the short distance to the Mucky Duck on Captiva Island to eat dinner and watch the sun set.

The setting sun was gorgeous. See?

This is why you go to the Mucky Duck on Captiva Island

Dinner at the Mucky Duck?

The food isn't the reason you visit, at least in my opinion.

Not so much.

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