Bulky Waste

Junk? Treasure? I Know! I Know!!

You see this? Take a close look. It’s a three-piece set of wicker furniture someone put on the curb tonight for bulky waste day. I asked my daughter Tory to pull over and pick it up. And unlike my husband Mike (at least most of the time) Tory did pull over!!

Treasures like this make my heart go pitta pat!

The set is in perfect condition. Except for the massively peeling “home” paint job. And my son Max might like it for his college apartment next year. I’ve begun to “collect” castaways for his apartment. It keeps me busy in my down times. Or maybe I’ll keep it for my own patio. Last year a wooden bench we had collapsed from rot and I need something “new” to take its place. This furniture will be scraped and painted a shiny black and have new cushions before May arrives!

Take a look at Sunny, Tory’s beloved VW Bug that still hasn’t passed inspection because she turned on her check engine light AGAIN on Sunday (Grrr). Sunny is not happy to be carrying peeling paint wicker furniture.

Who says VW Bug's can't hold a bunch of furniture?

And take a closer look. Tory is not happy since she and her boyfriend had just vacuumed Sunny a mere two days ago and the furniture shed tons of paint chips all over Sunny’s interior.

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  1. Cindy says:

    What a picture! It gives perfect insight into what the girl does not want in her VW! It’s a good thing she has to take you with her. Or she might leave you curbside!

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