Here We Go Again

Sunny's no reject in our family; we love putting her top down and driving around with the music blasting!

AutoZone to the Rescue!

You already know that Sunny, my daughter Tory’s yellow VW Bug, failed NJ State inspection since her “check engine” light was “on” when I took her through. I think that I also mentioned she spent an overnight visit at the used car dealer so the mechanic could fix whatever was ailing her.

Well, she turned her “check engine” light on again a week ago today. Sunny was a sick little Bug. And I was not happy she was not happy.

Wanting to cut the diagnosis and repair time in half for this, our second go-round at a repair, I decided to do some online research to help pinpoint Sunny’s problem for the mechanic. Three hours of Googling and going off on tangents later I remembered my friends at AutoZone.

My buddies were really helpful and the diagnosis was FREE!

When I called, AutoZone¬†told me to bring Sunny over and they’d plug a diagnostic tool into her on-board computer to see what was making her ill. I drove her over (top down, wind in my hair, 80s music blasting) and within minutes they handed me a printout that suggested three things that could be making her ill. With that in hand I called and made the appointment to bring her back for a second hospital visit. I think that Jeff at the dealership was surprised I came with more specific information in hand.

What's better than receiving some suggestions of what might be wrong with your car?!

In 24 hours we had Sunny back home. The mechanic replaced her oxygen sensor and blew the accumulated gunk out of her system. She seems happy again. Next week, between softball games, I figure I’ll take her back to inspection, although I’m not looking forward to it!

How long do you think it will take me to reach door # 4 next week?

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  1. pinkknotes says:

    Poor Sunny! Hope she passes inspection!

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