It’s Not Just a Ball

It’s a Softball

Grimy and scuffed and very precious to its holder.

This is the game ball from my daughter Tory’s high school varsity softball game, the second one of the season. Her coach awarded her the game ball today. She is a pitcher and today she threw a great game. And I stand in awe of her abilities.

She started the game playing third base. After 8 batters and a score of 7-0 in the first inning, Coach D pulled Tory off third and put her in the circle to pitch. And boy did she pitch! She held the opposing team very, very well. They scored only two runs off Tory. And her team came back to win the game at the bottom of the eighth inning 10-9. It was awesome and tense and exciting to watch.

She pitched two innings during yesterday’s game and seven-plus today. And guess what? She has a game tomorrow, one Thursday and one Friday. She has practice on Saturday. Then next week she has four games out of the five days in the week.

If you ever want to  find me just drive over to our high school softball field. I’m the one wearing the sun hat and sunglasses holding the 32 ounce diet Coke from a local convenience store. Stop by and watch a few innings and cheer for our team. We’d love to see you.

And she bats well too.

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  1. theSon says:

    for a second I actually thought you bought her a T helmet hahaha

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