Witch Hazel Can Get You Through the Winter

Another Winter Storm

An Easy-to-Read Reference on Hamamelis (aka witch hazel)

Yesterday Pat, one of my Magnificent Seven buddies, and I drove to Rare Find Nursery in Jackson, NJ to learn more about Hamamelis (aka witch hazel). The folks there are experts on the care and growing of witch hazels, and they stock a bunch of different kinds so we got to shop after the lecture concluded (and we earned Master Gardener continuing education credit for attending).

If you know us, you know we love plants and love to shop the nurseries and wholesale places (when we can talk our way inside). Pat has a good excuse for all her plant shopping, having moved into a new house with attendant huge property a couple of years ago. She’s tricking out her landscape. Me?  Uh. My landscape is pretty well set, but I can’t stop looking and dreaming. . . and I’ve always wanted to own a witch hazel. Take a look at what I bought and see why!

Take a look at those spidery blooms!

Did you know witch hazels bloom in the coldest months when most other plants are fast asleep? Yep. December, January and February are big months for witch hazel blooms. I definitely want to see blooms outside my kitchen window during those months! They’ll cheer me up until the spring blooms arrive around here. When I got home I took my precious (but tough, according to the nurseryman) witch hazel and plonked it into a bed I can see from my kitchen window. It should be fine until the ground thaws enough to actually plant it. Well, I hope the nurseryman is right about that since it’s snowing again. And the witch hazel is out in it. Take a look at her. Wow.

What a Difference a Day Makes.

Oh, and we brought home a few other shrubs as well. Yes, I know it’s February and bitterly cold outside around here. But you need to know that Pat is a bargain hunter, especially when it comes to plants. After we picked out our witch hazels, we started to tromp around the hoop houses. Then, Pat spied the sale plants. I wandered over and idly looked while she worked her way through the pile. I swear I had no intention of buying anything. But then I saw the three ‘My Monet’ weigelias for $5 each. I couldn’t resist. They are the cutest things (well, not right now, but soon).

'My Monet' Weigelias as they sleep. The photo below shows the same sidewalk at the beginning of today's storm.

This is where the 'My Monet' weigelia were sitting yesterday. We have a lot more snow than this now.

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