NJ Flower Show—Results Just In!

A Newbie’s Results

Today my 90-year-old friend Mr. C. and I ate lunch at Essen Eppes, a terrific Jewish Deli in Livingston. After I dropped him off at home I headed down the Garden State to see what the NJ Flower Show judges thought of my floral chair design.

My girlfriend Pat and I met in the lobby of the Expo Center, cashed in our ‘two get in free’ ticket offer and hustled over to where we left my floral chair design on Wednesday. From a distance I didn’t see any ribbon on the platform with my design. As we got closer, though, I did see a ribbon.

No. I didn’t get a blue. The blue ribbon went to the all dried flower chair I showed you on Wednesday. Remember the nice woman I talked with? Her design won the blue.

Blue Ribbon Winner

No. I didn’t win a red. The red ribbon went to one of the two designs that weren’t set up yet by the time I left the Expo Center on Wednesday. Take a look at the red ribbon winner below.

Red Ribbon Winner

No. I didn’t win a yellow. The yellow ribbon went to the other design that was staged after I left on Wednesday. Take a look at the yellow ribbon winner below.

Yellow Ribbon Winner

Honorable Mention for My Design

So are you wondering by now exactly what color ribbon my design was awarded? It was awarded a white ribbon, which is an honorable mention. Not bad for a first-time state flower show entry, right?!

After I watered my design, which was drooping a bit and seemed to have been rearranged a little (folks jostling for position to see it?  a child who got away from his/her mom?), Pat and I walked around. Pretty awesome designs surrounded us. And I loved the judges’ choice to award the overall blue ribbon in the creative crafts category to the rooster. It is whimsical and creative and made me smile. Good job by the designer, don’t you think?

Creative Craft Overall Blue Ribbon Winner. Wow!

We looked at the whole-garden designs the landscapers created, commenting on the new plants of the season (anyone for a red-flowered Andromeda?) and wandered up and down the boutique aisles.  We had a great time talking plants.

Then Pat and I turned a corner and I saw it: the tall, black Victorian-style fountain of my dreams, all 7’ of it spouting water up, up, up into the air, then falling gracefully down, down, down into the pool below!! Funny thing, I knew I’d seen that fountain before. . .somewhere. . . I rushed up and stood gazing adoringly at the fountain, then out of the corner of my eye I saw a coleus, then another, then an open-frame greenhouse display. Atlock Farms! It was the Atlock Farms display and I had seen this magnificent fountain in a greenhouse at Atlock Farms about two years ago!!

Do you know Atlock Farms? The owner has been featured in Martha Stewart Living magazine and on her show many times. He does topiaries that are to die for and coleus. Oh, the coleus he has!!!

What a Fountain! Tall, Black and Gorgeous!

Take a look at the fountain. What do you think? We live in a Victorian home and have a perfect spot for that fountain in our east side garden, right through the rose arbor and surrounded by the four tree roses. Maybe the fountain will come live at our house. We’ll see!

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2 Responses to NJ Flower Show—Results Just In!

  1. Lita says:

    On the spur of the moment, I headed to the NJFS, too. Quite a complex. It was evening when I left and I had never driven there before. I was happy (and relieved?) when I finally arrived at the exhibition hall. I loved the fountain, too. Looks like I must add AF to my LONG list of “nurseries to visit.” For me the highlight of the show was the submissions from garden club members. Of all the chairs displayed, it seemed to truly celebrate “spring.” It reminded me of one of my favorite garden quotes, “The earth laughs in flowers.” I enjoyed admiring it. Thanks for sharing your vision with all of us onlookers.

  2. Carole says:

    Some of us mention you honorably very frequently — congratulations!!

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