UPDATE:  One of my snowstorm photos is up on the New York Times web site. If you have a minute, take a look! A special thanks to my friend Carole! can either cut/paste the above address into  your browser or you can highlight the whole address, right click on it, then click on ‘open URL’)

Different Approach Today

It's the first thing I typically think about when it snows.

Shoveling snow is okay. I mean, I’ve been doing it since I was tall enough to hold a shovel. My oldest sister Linda and I would go out and help my Dad shovel the walks and driveway. After Mike and I married and moved into an apartment I would shovel with him and the other folks who lived in the apartments in our building. We moved to our first home, and Mike and I had a blast shoveling with all of our neighbors outside and doing the same. It was cheerful, fun, and after Mike and I bought a little snow blower and began to blow our neighbors’ sidewalks, it became fattening from the “thank you” muffins and cookies we received.

I woke up today and saw all the snow and more was steadily falling. Up and at ‘em I thought as I swung out of bed and into action. Max is away at college, Tory is fast asleep and Mike is at work, so I would shovel alone. While I was savoring a wake up cup of tea before I headed outside my mind wandered back to yesterday’s Garden Club meeting and my friend Fran Liscio’s photographs (see a link to her web site to your right under “Blogroll”). Fran sees beauty in the details and she showed us that yesterday with her close-ups of petals and seeds and bark. I pictured her in my mind’s eye wandering around outside this morning snapping photos of snow on branches, seed pods heavy with snow and more. Then I thought of myself. When it snows, I focus on the work of it. I focus on the task to be done: shoveling and salting so no one falls.

“Not today,” I thought. “Today I’m going outside and see the beauty of the storm, savor the sights like I’m a tourist in a new land. Today I’m going to pay attention to the details. And I want to share some of the beauty I saw with you. Did you notice I even changed my blog photo heading? I was that inspired.

I started with the big picture. The venerable beech tree out my front door.

Snow-covered lounge chairs

the old cherry tree next door

Of course, I did shovel, but during those hours of shoveling I kept stopping every once in while to look around. I mean really look around. And see the beauty. You should try it: Stop and savor the details and the beauty around you.

P.S. I went back out to admire the snow at around 4 pm. It was quiet since so few cars were out. Branches were bent low by the heavy snow. I freed many of them, concerned they might snap under the weight.  And, yes, I ended up shoveling for  a couple more hours.

Snow on spirea

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  1. pinkknotes says:

    I absolutely LOVE the first photo, from your porch! Great attitude as you headed out 🙂

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