Getting Around in Paradise

My view every morning. Can you top this?

This visit to Key West is different; it’s different because we’re staying at a resort 4 miles from the Hog’s Breath and if you know me 4 miles is waaay too far away from the shrimp dip. Ginger and I figured out pretty quick that you can’t get into Old Town very fast walking

. . .no matter how fast you can walk.

Day or night, walking 4 miles is a hike.

So we tried the most common form of transportation, albeit in a different color, known to New Yorkers. One round trip cost us almost $40. And we are definitely not New Yorkers, in case those of you who don’t know us are wondering.

So we reassessed our options.

We could rent these; however, 4 miles is 4 miles and they don’t come equipped with headlights, at least the models I saw. Once it gets dark (and it gets really dark once you leave Duval St.), we would be fair game for anyone (make that everyone) driving drunk.

Slow and not good in the dark

We could rent one of these, but Ginger is pretty reluctant since she read up on them prior to agreeing to come with me to Key West. Apparently, the local paper here in Key West doesn’t even report the “tourist death on a motor scooter” news anymore since it’s so common. Okay, I can respect that (even though in my heart of hearts I really want to ride on a scooter down here. Max? Max? Are you listening?).

Drink + Drive = Dead ??

So that pretty much left us with one of these.

Okay, it's pretty pedestrian, but reliable.

Okay, okay. It’s a very common form of transportation, but it is reliable. And thanks to my wonderful husband (cue applause) we were able to rent one for $32 a day including tax. Have you discovered’s “bid on a car” section yet? Mike has, much to my delight!

Tell me, what do you like to drive?

P.S. I told you I’d keep you up to date on dinner. Well, tonight we went to Seven Fish, corner of Elizabeth and Olivia.

Unbelievably good cuisine.

Everything, and I mean everything, is fresh made to order. You order it, the waiter walks into the kitchen, and the chef starts to chop and prep it. I started with a salsa of chopped shrimp, papaya, and mango served with crispy corn chips. Fresh, fresh, fresh. Next was the mixed grill with three skewers: one of tenderest chicken, one of grilled, tangy mixed veggies and the third of marinated shrimp, all served over a savory sticky rice. As my Italian girlfriend Anna says, “I have no words.” Ginger ended her meal with a key lime cheesecake that she said was a cake-like, perfectly balanced mixture of cheese and flavor.

photo courtesy Brent Thole, bartender and friendly fellow at 7 Fish

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