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The Key West Welcome Committee on the Roof, Stiff Aren't They?

Well, I’m back. I’ve returned many times in the thirty-plus years since I first visited, and each time, I relish the heat and the people and the relaxation. This year, well, not so much. The bitter cold that has my home state in the freezer has extended all the way south to Key West, my destination of choice in the continental US.  Okay, it’s 60 degrees for the high, but the low is in the 40s, definitely NOT Key West weather. And as an aside this WiFi, much touted by the resort, is pretty crappy, making my blog writing and internet surfing challenging at best.

Today I visited a favorite haunt, the Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory, located at almost the tippy eastern end of Duval Street (the opposite end from the heavy party scene). Walking into the conservatory is like walking into the weather we are supposed to have here in Key West: hot, humid and muscle soothing. The butterflies, swooping in front of me, then in back of me, then landing on me, were a delight. And two beauties landed on me, bringing me good luck for the year, if local lore is to be believed. Take a look at what I saw and imagine you are in the hot, humid and sunny environment that is typical Key West.

Yummy, yummy fruit


The little peeps running around were comical. Take a look at the video I uploaded to “My World and Welcome to It”  to your right. Those little peeps run amok throughout the conservatory. You don’t dare put your foot down until you make sure no peep (or butterfly) has inadvertently landed where you plan to step.

How Many Colors in One Beautiful Bird?

And the colorful birds. The little finches flit and chirp and swoop, oftentimes right in front of my nose. The finch feeding on the millet was so sweet.

Yes, I love Key West and I can find the beauty of it, even on a 60 degree-high day with a stiff wind blowing. What did you do today?

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  1. runningman says:

    Well, 60 degrees is not bad compared to NJ

    – Left Behind

  2. So true! I’m glad to be here in the warmer cold weather.

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