New Year’s Day

The Day After the Night Before

Waitin' on the phone to ring

What did you do? Last night was quiet at our house. Mike and I drove the short distance to Charlie Brown’s Restaurant, ate dinner while watching the UPenn v Duke basketball game, then headed home to await Tory’s phone call. She was going to First Night here in town to listen to music and hang with her friends. When the concert was over she was going to call us and we were going to pick up her and about a dozen of her close personal friends to ring in the New Year at our house. It never happened. As usual with her crowd, plans changed, she spent the night at a girlfriend’s house and we went to bed. Max and his buddies spent New Year’s Eve up in the Catskills at a friend’s house, far from the madding crowd. Max said the last mile into the house is a dirt road.

Yes, it's in the attic.

We got up this morning and Mike took off for a New Year’s Day race down in the south central part of the state and I headed to the third floor to my treadmill. Mike returned late today with the good news that he came in third in his age group in said race and won a 2010 running-themed calendar. I ran on the treadmill for three miles and came off with sore knees. Who won? Both of us, I’d say. Put it this way, we look a whole lot better than Tory and Max do right now. And I daresay we feel better too.

Max rolled back home at about noon. We went to lunch at Pizza Hut (special: $10 a pie no matter what size pie you ordered so we ordered the largest) and he regaled me with stories about the Catskills house, the food he cooked (pork loin rolled in a mustard sauce, herbs and panko breadcrumbs then roasted and served on French bread; if you want the recipe posted just let me know) and the fun he had with old friends. He looked tired, and sure enough, when we returned home he went straight to bed. I haven’t seen him since.

Max and I picked Tory up at her girlfriend’s at about 2:30 this afternoon. She walked out of her friend’s house looking like something the cat dragged in (applause to my Mom if you smiled at my choice of words since she used that expression to describe her four daughters when we looked terrible based on whatever it was we had done the night before). She climbed into the old Ford Explorer quietly and we headed for home. Tory’s pretty much been quiet since then so we haven’t heard about First Night and the bands yet, although it’s just about dinner time and we always talk then.

Cook's brand ham is the tastiest, in our opinion.

My parents said serving pork for dinner on January 1 brought luck for the coming year. This year we are departing from the traditional New Year’s Day meal of roasted pork with sauer kraut, apple sauce and mashed potatoes I have eaten every year since I can remember, but we are sticking with the lucky pork theme by making a glazed spiral sliced ham, cous cous (baked potato for Mike), and green beans with bacon. We’re starting off with the shrimp cocktail we were supposed to eat last night but forgot to do.

From our home to yours we hope you are lucky in 2010 whether or not you’ve eaten pork today, and we hope all your dreams come true!

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