“Cherries in Winter”

Do you read cookbooks? I do. Do you read novels about cooking? I do. Have you read “Cherries in Winter” yet? I have and I think it’s worth your time.

“Cherries in Winter” is a book about finding the good in hard times. Suzan Colon, the author, writes about losing her best job ever in the most recent recession and having to cope with cutting waaay back to survive, and eventually thrive, like her relatives before her. She begins to cook as one way to economize. No, not just any food. She cooks family recipes she found in the recipe folder that belonged to her grandmother. The preface to the book describes her search for the recipe file among the incredible clutter in her basement. Most of us can relate to that clutter and her amusing search through it, at least that’s what I’m thinking.

While Suzan cooks she reminisces about her family memories and mines her mom’s memory too. Some of the original recipes, tattered and grease stained, are pictured in the book. Between the family stories, the simple, warming food and her musings, it’s a good read.

And it got me to thinking about some of my family’s recipes. Take a look at this one for flank steak marinade.

A tip of my hat to my mother-in-law

I got it from my mother-in-law many years ago; it’s stained and faded and kinda dirty looking, but I wouldn’t trade this tattered 3”x5” card for anything that looks shiny and new. You see, my mother-in-law passed away eight years ago and the house where I sat at her kitchen table and copied the recipe down was sold a few years later. I’ve got some serious memories wrapped up in this stained recipe card.

By the way, people eat this grilled flank steak and rave about it. I’m a hero every time someone tastes this recipe. I tip my hat to my mother-in-law every time I receive a compliment. Go ahead and try it. I bet you’ll thank me.

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2 Responses to “Cherries in Winter”

  1. Ginger Finder says:

    I have that very same recipe and still use it! This time last year, as we began the process of preparing my mother’s house for sale, my starting point (besides the silver…) was the small bookcase with her cookbooks. I came across a treasure trove of heirloom Southern recipes that had belonged to both of my great-grandmother’s, their mother’s, friends and relatives. My mother always made the best brownies and I discovered that the recipe was originally “Edith Plosser’s Brownies”. That led me to discover that she was a great-great aunt…I have my father’s famous (at least in our family) pancake recipe in his handwriting along with his favorite cake and bread recipes…That particular trip I was flying home – I loaded the suitcase with silver wrapped in my clothes – but hand carried several of the tattered cookbooks and family scrapbooks on board.

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